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Learning DNA repair from Halobacterium -- a microbe

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In 2004, NASA scientists have known that Halobacterium has a surprising ability to repair its DNA. It do so by having more than 400 genes related to DNA-repair.  The following article explains some fundamentals of Halocacterium in DNA repairing.

Some high s...

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Radiation threat to Humans in Space

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For astronauts to have a round trip to Mars, one has to worry about radiation exposures.  Solar Energetic particles and galactic cosmic rays are the most detrimental ones. The former is energetic particles accelerate at solar flares and/or CME-driven shock and the latter from presumably supernovae in our galaxy.  The following gives an overview of radiation hazards to humans in the Space.

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Mapping the magnetic mayhem in the heliosheath

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This is an article published in EOS by Colin Schultz.

It discusses an article by Burlaga and Ness on the Journal of Geophysical Research-Space Physics, doi:10.1029/2010JA016309, 2011.

It concerns magnetic structures in the solar wind, expecially in the outerheliosphere, as observed by Ulysses.

Several kinds of current sheets are discussed. These include: proton boundary layers (PBLs), magnetic holes, magnetic humps, sector boudaryies.