Welcome! This is a blog site about solar Space Physics.
By 2050, Human beings will be able to routinely go to Mars. We will set foot on another planet -- live there, work there and alter the environment to a more habitable one. Of course, in the mean time, we will also adapt ourselves to Mar's environment. By that, I mean mutations in human DNA. Perhaps over an eon, human beings on the Mars -- Martians, will look different from those on the Earth. Martians will be more slim, less muscular, thicker skin and more hairy. These are possible effects of less gravity and stronger radiation in Mars.  Nevertheless, it is safe to say that we will be witness the first steps of space colony.

Human beings will eventually visit other "solar" systems, galaxy, perhaps even other parallel universes. We will have long lives, maybe even reach eternity. We will reveal more secrets of the Universe, able to find means to alter or even control its evolutional course.

At that time, in hindsights, human kind will agree that AD2050 is indeed a remarkable milestone - a milestone by and for deep space walkers.